• Arabian Bites Delight Basket

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    Contents of Arabian Delight I:

    • Dar gees Chocolate
    • Mix Kloubat
    • Figs Bulk
    • Apricot Bulk
    • Blackberry Syrup
    • Semsimiah Plate
    • Dry Fruits
    • ChocoTruff .

    Note : Basket may or not be the same. Closest substitute may be used

  • Arabian Nights Basket

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    This basket is very thoughtfully filled basket for special occasions of Eid, Ramadan and Girgian.

    Choice of Royal blue rim represent the exquisite quality this basket comes with. If its rich contents are not just enough, we have added a corner of flower arrangement to go with the expensive selection of Arabian Delights.

    This basket contains

    – 45 Pieces of Seedless Dates covered with sesame.

    The basket contains 3 different types of Baklava
    – 1/4Kg Baklava – Regular
    – 1/4Kg Baklava with pistachio
    – 1/4Kg Baklava circles with pistachio

    Flower arrangement contains
    – 12 white roses
    – 4 stems of white lilies
    Note: As a bonus feature flowers arrangements are placed in a glass vase and therefore are easily separable from the basket for placement on table tops.

    Finally this basket is wrapped in fine white organza with royal blue ribbon for delivery.

  • Date Basket

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    Another basket very thoughtfully filled for special occasions.

    This basket contains

    • 4 different type of dates
    • Choice of sparkling water and Vimto drink

    Finally this basket is wrapped in fine white organza with golden ribbon for delivery.

  • Delightful Harvest Basket

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    Special Gift Basket for very special occasion.
    This basket is a careful selection of Arabian snack items for Eid Celebrations.
    Hurry and book one for yourself or your friends and family before the Eid Day.

    • Chocoloco Special
    • Mixed Dried fruit box
    • Mixed sweets
    • Premium Chocolate bars
    • Orange Food Syrup
    • Rose Food Syrup
    • Grapes Food Syrup
    • Dried Apricots
    • Dates Packet
    • Turkish Sweets
    • Mini Baklawa Special
  • -8%

    Fragrance of Paradise

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    This basket is unique in all ways. Its contents are carefully combined to greet your loved one a very perfect coming of Ramadan or Eid.  Fragrance corner gives it it’s name – Fragrance of Paradise.


    • 250g of Mixed Nuts and Kernels
    • 3 Packs of Ajwa with Cardomom and nuts powder
    • 1 Box of Chocolate Fruit & Nuts Assortment
    • 3 Kinds of water based fragrance bottles (240ml each)
    $75.00 $69.00
  • Hot

    Golden Summer

    0 out of 5

    Yet another great combination from our designers.

    Red roses combined with much loved Ferrero Rocher chocolate can put a smile on anyone’s face.

    This arrangement is highly recommended for special occasions or simply as a thinking of you gift.


    • 9 x Red Roses
    • Ferrero Rocher Chocolate filled to value.
  • Joy Basket

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    This well decorated basket contains:

    • Cadbury Dairy Milk 600g
    • Quality Street Assortment 200g
    • Galaxy Jewels 400g
    • Sour Cream and Onion Sprinkles 40g
    • Lindt Milk Chocolate Bars (2)
    • Strawberry Preserve
    • Mixed Nuts (Al Rifai) 200g
    • Chocolate Chip Cookies 300g
    • Breakfast Tea
    • David off  Coffee
    • Black Berry Sirup

    All this with a Large Basket decorated with Ribbons.

  • One Day Basket

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    This basket is from our best sellers collection. It has everything that one could ask for.
    Always brings a bright smile on recipients face for its rich content and size.


    •  Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Tray
    •  Quality Street Assortment
    •  Galaxy Jewels
    •  Sour Cream and Onion Pringles
    •  Lindt Milk Chocolate Bars (2)
    •  Ajwa Dates
    •  200g Pistachio Nuts
    •  200g Salted Cashew Nuts
    •  Chocolate Chip Cookies
    •  Breakfast Tea
    •  Imported Coffee
    •  Sparkling Juice

  • -6%

    Piece of Moon

    0 out of 5

    This hamper’s quality contents promise to heighten anyone’s excitement. Contents are so specially selected that it earned its own name – Piece of Moon.


    • Turkish Delight Pistachio Filled 200g
    • Sukari Dates 150g
    • Caramelized Pecan Nuts 200g
    • Lindt Swiss Tradition Chocolates 200g
    • Chocolate and Caramel Covered Dates
    • Sparkling Grape Juice
    • Mixed Nuts 200g
    • Ferrero Rocher Box of 16
    • Chocolate Bar 100g
    $85.00 $80.00
  • Ramadan Kareem Basket

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    This basket is a special introduction for wishing your loved ones a very happy Ramadan.

    It comes with Ramadan Kareem script printed in Arabic and English on it.



    500g of dried apricot

    30 pieces of 2 kinds of dates (Safawi and Khodari)

    16 pieces of Kamaredine twist wraps.

    250 g of Light Mix Premium (Pecan nut, Almond, Wallnut Rasins, Pine Seeds, Sunflower Seeds)

    A bottle of Arabian Perfume (Water based with oil and rose water) | Fragrance : Bukhoor


  • Tea Basket

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    Is this your cup of tea? Sure it is!

    This basket is filled with carefully hand picked 9 different kinds of teas to give a best of varieties in tea from across the globe.

    Let this basket pamper you on a special evening or let someone who you care for indulge in unforgettable experience this tea basket promises.

    Basket Contents

    • Redbush 40 Teabags
    • English Breakfast 50 Teabags
    • Gold Loose Tea
    • 20 Pure Peppermint Teabags
    • 20 Organic Pure Green Teabags
    • 20 Green and Lemon Teabags
    • Ceylon 50 Teabags
    • Empress Grey 50 Teabags
    • Pure Origin Kenyan 50 Teabags

    Fresh flowers always make things special and therefore this arrangement comes with a single vase with filled with lilies and white roses.

    A- Flower arrangement is easily separable from the basket and can be placed on table top.
    B- Some tea type may not be available at all times. Similar equivalent will be used instead.

  • Tutti frutti

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    Fruits are naturally nutritious, rich in fiber and low on calories. We have turned this wonderful gift of nature into a beautiful gift basket for you to share with a loved one or simple get one for your self!

    Contents of this basket.

    • Banana
    • Red Apples (US)
    • Golden Apples (US)
    • Kiwi (NZ)
    • Oranges
    • Pineapple
    • Green Grapes
    • Red Plums (US)
    • Strawberries
    • Bottle of Sunquick orange drink