How gifting works at

Choosing the right gift for your loved one is already very difficult. Adding to this the worry of how to present it makes things even worse. Here is where team can make a difference.

Shop at our store and let us do what we are good at – sending your gift to your loved one with best possible presentation. The question remains how does it all actually work.

It is simple!

– Visit and add gifts that you wish to send to your loved ones in the shopping cart by clicking ‘Add To Cart‘ button

– Go to Shopping Cart page and fill all required fields along with sender/recipient details and click ‘Checkout

– Select payment method on payment selection page click ‘Next

– Enter payment details and PAY!

– Once we receive your order, we start working our charm on it.

– Finally gift will be delivered on the day you have requested.

What happens next?

Once the gift is delivered, we have refreshed a spark in your relationship again with our magical gifting touch. Ting!

Remember that we all are delighted to receive a gift from one of our loved one. So lets “Ting” again?