Arabian Nights Basket

Arabian Nights Basket


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This basket is very thoughtfully filled basket for special occasions of Eid, Ramadan and Girgian.

Choice of Royal blue rim represent the exquisite quality this basket comes with. If its rich contents are not just enough, we have added a corner of flower arrangement to go with the expensive selection of Arabian Delights.

This basket contains

– 45 Pieces of Seedless Dates covered with sesame.

The basket contains 3 different types of Baklava
– 1/4Kg Baklava – Regular
– 1/4Kg Baklava with pistachio
– 1/4Kg Baklava circles with pistachio

Flower arrangement contains
– 12 white roses
– 4 stems of white lilies
Note: As a bonus feature flowers arrangements are placed in a glass vase and therefore are easily separable from the basket for placement on table tops.

Finally this basket is wrapped in fine white organza with royal blue ribbon for delivery.


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