Tea Basket

Tea Basket


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Is this your cup of tea? Sure it is!

This basket is filled with carefully hand picked 9 different kinds of teas to give a best of varieties in tea from across the globe.

Let this basket pamper you on a special evening or let someone who you care for indulge in unforgettable experience this tea basket promises.

Basket Contents

  • Redbush 40 Teabags
  • English Breakfast 50 Teabags
  • Gold Loose Tea
  • 20 Pure Peppermint Teabags
  • 20 Organic Pure Green Teabags
  • 20 Green and Lemon Teabags
  • Ceylon 50 Teabags
  • Empress Grey 50 Teabags
  • Pure Origin Kenyan 50 Teabags

Fresh flowers always make things special and therefore this arrangement comes with a single vase with filled with lilies and white roses.

A- Flower arrangement is easily separable from the basket and can be placed on table top.
B- Some tea type may not be available at all times. Similar equivalent will be used instead.


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